Pouring Beer & Positivity

Today I was working at a beer and sausage stand to help fund raise for the Rugby team I began playing on at Bryant University. As half time came around, and the wind continually picked up, I noticed my beer soaked gloves were helping my hands with their steady transition from freezing to numb. My usually sunny attitude turned stormy and I realized that time seemed to be barely moving. Just as I was about to complain again about the blustering cold to my teammate working the cash register I was caught off guard by an unexpected act of kindness.

I wish I’d gotten the mans name, or even remembered what he looked like but truthfully I don’t. What I will always remember about him is the smiles he brought to the faces of the father son duo behind him when he told me to put their beers on his card too. I have heard of people paying for strangers, and I have heard that, “paying it forward.” is trending right now, but I have never seen the suprise and delight that this unexpected treat can bring.

Not only did this generous Pats fan bring a smile to the faces of the men behind him, but he also brought a smile to mine. The warmth this man showed towards two strangers helped me to regain my positivity and enthusiasm, he helped me to realize that pouring over priced shock top in the freezing cold would only be as good or as bad as I perceived it to be.


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