5 Reasons You Need to See New York’s Metropolitan Museum:

Last Saturday I visited the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan NY for the first time and it was incredible! Here are 5 reasons why you can’t miss it on your next trip to NYC:

1. Students can enter the museum on donation.

(They have a suggested donation amount, but if you are a student you can pay whatever you have even if it’s only a penny!)

2. The Variety of Exhibits is Insane:

When I was there I realized that the museum truly has something for everyone, even if you didn’t realize you were interested in that something. Whether you like oil paintings of biblical figures, Native American pottery, Roman architecture or Egyptian Burial Tombs the variety of exhibits at The Met assure that there is something for everyone.

3. The Museum is constantly changing:

I was amazed when I learned that many of the exhibits are not permanent, but that they get swapped out for new exhibits quite frequently. Maybe I’m giving my inner nerd too much air time here but I was enchanted at the idea that the museum is in a constant state of growth and change.

4. A Rare Moment of Peace and Quiet in The Bustling City:

Alright so maybe it isn’t total tranquility the entire time, admittedly when I walked into the gigantic entrance corridor and waited in a long loud line for tickets I was anything but excited. However once I moved deeper into the halls and onto different floors of the enormous building I began to find moving about the winding hallways and spiraling staircases very relaxing.

5. If neither the artwork, the artifacts, the fabulous price for students, or the tranquil atmosphere entice you to come to the Met I at least encourage you to climb the daunting stairs outside the museum.

Savor the view from the top, and people watch like your Blair Waldorf. Don’t forget to grab a few pictures of you and your Serena ruling the infamous steps.


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